10/05/2014 - 01/06/2014


folha de montra




"One day someone said that when you decided to cross the street you would find one or other space behind the doors. And behind each door you would find another door which would keep a wish almost secret.


I know about your thoughts!

If the indifference did not catch you, you would have seen the chess in black and white which covered all the surface... and the mirrors... oh the mirrors... with the myriads of projections and reflexions which gave life to that space.


This space is now uninhabited and this dimension is no longer exactly the same. It's become unreality matter.

And you prostrate here in so many inglorious lost illusions.


But you know that I’m here now.

Do you hear me?

I’m here!

To cherish your mind, to sustain your ego, to be your new reality.“










© A MONTRA 2013